Accepted !!
논문제목 : The essential regions for deubiquitinating enzyme activity and enhancer function for DUB-2A expressed in T-lymphocytes

accepted by Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics

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Manuscript Accepted !!
Ovarian tumor deubiquitinase 6A regulates cell proliferation via deubiquitination of nucleolin and caspase-7

저널: International Journal of Oncology (2020 Impact factor 5.884)

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발명인: 백광현, 박준혁

발명의 명칭: 요로결석 진단을 위한 분석방법 및 키트
출원일: 2021.05.26
등록일: 2021.07.01
출원번호: 10-2021-0067591
등록번호: 10-2274480

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Predictability of macrosomic birth based on fetal factors and fetal aneuploidy screening biochemical markers in hyperglycemic mothers.

International Journal of Medical Science (2020 Impact factor 2.523)
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