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Wound assaymigration assay for MDCK cell lines.

1.The first main important aspect to do cell migration assay is CELL CONDITION.

2.In addition, transfection efficiency is also low in MDCK cells.

3.After transfection, the cells should be in good condition for cell migration assay. We have to resuspend the cells with the media for at least 10 times before seeding on the plates. Otherwise, the cells will aggregate and shows abnormal growth.

4.If you refer to several references who have done cell migration assay on MDCK cells, the wound healing will be completed within 16-18 hrs (pubmed: 24290981, 10777210, 22701711 ).

5.For making wound, the gap of the wound depends on size of the tips used to make wound. I have used white tip for making the wound which would be less gap and can be covered within 16-18hrs. If you use yellow or blue tip which would make a big gaps and it takes lot of time to recover the wound.

6.The cell density is also very important, if you see other references which I have mentioned above, the cell density is high so they have capacity to cover the wound within 16-18hr. The cell density should be nearly 100% before performing wound healing assay.  If the cell density is less than 95%, the cells will take more time to recover the wound.

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