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제 목   HeLaDUB-1 (International Journal of Oncology)
A novel cysteine protease responsible for cleaving the ubiquitin in human ovarian cancer cells. (2004) Int. J. Oncol. 25: 373-379.

The regulation of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation is becoming important for a number of cellular processes. Human HeLa DUB-1 cDNA, encoding a novel deubiquitinating enzyme, was isolated from ovarian cancer cells. It has 1,647 bp nucleotides and encodes a 548 amino acid polypeptide with the molecular weight of approximately 61 kDa. It contains the highly conserved Cys, Asp (I), His, and Asn/Asp (II) domains characteristic of the ubiquitin-specific processing proteases. Biochemical assay revealed that HeLa DUB-1 has deubiquitinating enzyme activity in vivo and in vitro. Northern blot analysis for HeLa DUB-1 showed the strong expression in human skeletal muscle and pancreas and to some extent in heart, placenta, lung, liver, and kidney. Interestingly, the expression was hardly seen in the brain. Localization study indicates that HeLa DUB-1 proteins are present in both the cytoplasm and nucleus.

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