2006년도 국가 과학기술 이공계 대학원 연구장학생
박정미가 이공계 대학원 연구장학생으로 선발되었습니다!!

Manuscript Accepted !!
논문제목: Hyaluronan- and RNA-binding deubiquitinating enzymes of USP17 family members associated with cell viability

Accepted by BMC Genomics (IF: 4.09)

Manuscript Accepted !!
논문제목: The expression of Usp42 during embryogenesis and spermatogenesis in mosue

Accepted by Mechanisms of Development

Manuscript Accepted !!
논문제목: Disruption of protein-protein interaction for Mgl-1 oncoprotein

Accepted by Oncology Reports

Congratulations !!
Received Two Poster Awards at the 6th Annual Korean Human Proteome Organization (KHUPO) Meeting - World HUPO 회장을 비롯한 외국인 연자들만 채점하여 받은 두 개의 상입니다^^
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