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발명인: 백광현, 박준혁

발명의 명칭: 요로결석 진단을 위한 분석방법 및 키트
출원일: 2020.09.25
등록일: 2021.05.31
출원번호: 10-2020-0124723
등록번호: 10-2260585

Manuscript Accepted !!
Effects of nature-based group art therapy programs on stress, self-esteem, and changes in electroencephalogram (EEG) in non-disabled siblings of children with disabilities

저널: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2020 Impact factor 3.390)

Manuscript Accepted !!
Cellular functions regulated by deubiquitinating enzymes in neurodegenerative diseases

저널: Ageing Research Review (2020 Impact factor 10.895)

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발명인: 백광현, 이다혜, 송재윤

발명의 명칭: 조기폐경 진단을 위한 분석방법 및 키트
출원일: 2018.10.08
등록일: 2021.05.10
출원번호: 10-2018-0119823
등록번호: 10-2252384

Manuscript Accepted !!
고려대학교 이경주 교수님과의 공동연구 논문이 accept 되었습니다

Predictability of macrosomic birth based on fetal factors and fetal aneuploidy screening biochemical markers in hyperglycemic mothers.

저널: International Journal of Medical Science (2020 Impact factor 3.738)
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